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Your things are always at risk when you’re travelling especially in a crowded airport, public areas and even in your hotel. While you can alwaysrim lock repair Dubai put a lock and some name tags to avoid losing your things, here are some more ways on how you can protect your belongings from theft, or find them if they get lost.

Put all valuables all in one place. Before leaving the house, put all your important things in one place, and always keep track on it. You may to reserve an obvious pocket of your carry-on bag with luggage lock to hold all the things you need in the airport or in the plane. Having a dedicated place for your valuables makes advantage that you don’t have to ransack your bags to find your boarding pass, or your passport and even medication. Knowing the exact place where everything should be will give you more protection over your things and avoid looking for a rim lock repair Dubai

Say it loud. It is also useful to say out loud what you are handing over to a gate or security person. If you say, “This has my ID, wallet, and my watch,” and they hear you say it out loud while seeing you put it down, it will be less likely that they will try to take something from your things.

Conceal your wallet or cash in the carry-on bag. Almost all airlines give complimentary food, drinks, and blankets do you will not need cash when you already board the plane. So, hide your wallet deeply in your carry-on bag that the only way people would find them would take your entire bag be overturn.

Know what to let go. You should know the things that is worthy of giving protection and not.  For instance, you can buy toothbrush, socks, book, raincoat, anywhere. If you can buy it at your place of destination cheaply, don’t go out and find luggage lock repair Dubai in case you lost it to protect those things instead of putting your attention from protecting the things you really need and more valuable.


Did you know that your workforce will love their job even better if you offer them a good office environment? Yes! That’s true. A research found out that companies that make an effort when it comes to designing and layouting their office tend to have more satisfied and productive employees. As you know, a boost in productivity means money.

Now take a look around and be honest with yourself. Is your office monotonous? A boring office is doing nothing but killing your workers’ enthusiasm to work and deliver great results. You should immediately do something before you start losing members of your team and even revenue. Look for Fitout Companies in Dubai that can effectively improve your office environment.fitout companies in dubai

So what changes should you make? To give you an idea, we’ve gathered some tips from some of the successful CEOs. Here are what they said:

Build a Family-Style Kitchen

Forget the usual pantry style, family-style kitchen is the way to go. Let your employees eat meals, feeling like they are at home. When they feel more comfortable, that feeling opens them up and removes the stiffness usual in an office environment. It allows them to have conversation away from their desk.

Make things fun

One CEO worked with a professional fitout dubai, Broadway Interiors, to add a meditation room in their office. He says tht it’s not only a bragging right but also something that makes the office more fun. Employees can benefit from a meditation room as they can use it to have a place to relax their mind during a very stressful day. This helps them avoid feeling drained, thus, they remain pumped to accomplish their tasks midst all the workplace tensions.

Lose the barriers

Nowadays, CEOs prefer open spaces. Why? It’s because it fosters teamwork and better interpersonal communication. So skip the buying new cubicles! Let your employees work and interact. And this includes even the upper management team. Apart from building team cooperation, losing the cubicles slashes down hierarchy. Workers wouldn’t feel like they are on the lowest point of the corporate ladder since they are working closely with company executives.





Travel to Dubai

travelDubai travel is best developed by air. From the national carrier Emirate to international luxury flights like Gulf Air, Qatar Airways and Turkish airlines, you can select from some of the most favored carriers to get to this desert city. Traveling by air is a shortcut to witness this city known for its 70 odd shopping malls, water theme parks, beaches and outstanding skyline.

Many Dubai travel agencies and tour operators enable discounts if vacationers books by way of them first, if not you can make your personal bookings on the net.

Any travel encounter you can seek, you will find it in this city. You can take pleasure in a check out to the beaches, water sports destinations, sports arenas for international sports events, shopping festivals, extravagant meals fiesta or the contemporary architecture gracing the city skyline. From Burj Khalifa to a yacht in Dubai Marina Dubai has it all. Go indoor skiing or witness a camel race. Just off the Dubai coast, there are 3 biggest artificial islands Palm islands. These upscale beachfront properties have been the new pinnacle of Dubai travel encounter. Even so, the happiest traveller in this city is the foodie addict. There is a regional royal cuisine. But, this city has almost all international cuisines in restaurants of all sizes and budgets.

Safety for females is treasured in this city. Even so, females who travel alone are bound to grab uncalled for interest, becoming somewhat of a novelty. It is best for females to remain in 4 or five star hotels in the course of their period of Dubai travel, specially considering that they can access the hotel’s private beaches. Yet another tip would be to put on loose clothes even though traveling in public locations.

To conclude, this city is replete with the best of extravaganzas and delivers all sinful entertainments to avid travelers for the purposes of soothing their comforts in myriads of approaches. The hospitality options give out their best to attract your interest and pleasure of undertaking company supplied by Dubai travel info.


The month of June, July, and August will be the hottest months in the Middles East. But this is also the month where fun and surprises will be present in the city. As the awaited season of the year is fast approaching in Dubai, many are also looking forward to the annual festivity of Dubai tagged as ‘Summer Is Dubai’.

 “Summer Is Dubai” is a three-month event that will commence on June 7 and will last until September 7, 2014. It will showcase various activities that aim to display Dubai as an exceptional summer destination especially for family bonding.

The extensive campaign will highlight luxury as well as affordable hotels, transportation facilities, shopping malls, water parks, indoor skiing, cultural activities as well as climate controlled indoor entertainment events.

The main event of the campaign will be Dubai Summer Surprises, a festivity that will last for one month from June 7 – July 7. This will be a series of entertainment and cultural events like Dubai Sports World and the Dubai Rock Festival, This series of activities are primarily designed for families with a lot of freebies and treats from participating commercial companies. This has contributed a lot in the tourism of Dubai marking the city as an international summer destination. A total of around four million people participated in the activities of Dubai Summer Surprises.

Another part of ‘Summer Is Dubai’ Campaign is Modhesh World, the largest indoor recreational venue in the region that features a host of themed games and fun activities for the entire family with everyone’s favorite mascot, Modhesh. Modhesh World will be operating from June 20 – August 28 at Dubai World Trade Center.

Starting the end of June, the city will start commemorate the period of Ramadan. This is a Holy month for the Islamic calendar. This period will include a number of distinctive events that will give the tourists a sole experience to the Muslims’ spiritual culture.  Activities inspired by the Ramadan tradition will occur.

And lastly, the Eid which will take place in the whole month of August and will celebrate the end of Ramadan. If you are a visitor in the city, you can expect a lot cultural events this period.  

You can also opt to hit the beaches in the city. It is recommended to do it in the first period of the season since the Emirates will have a scorching temperature that can reach 40-50 degree Celsius.


Bungee jumping is an extreme sport that is normally performed on very tall, vertical or horizontal objects, such as mountains, bridges and buildings. It involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cordthat is tied around the jumper’s legs and protective equipment that is similar to the protective equipment used in climbing. You can also fall from a moving object such as hot air balloons

Many people say that it gives them an incredible adrenalin rush. The thrill comes as much from the free-falling as from the rebounds.

The term ‘bungee’ from bungee jumping, which is also sometimes spelled as ‘bungy’ comes from a dialect of English, which means ‘anything thick and squat’, although the term is most likely a reference to the type of cord used.

Bungee jumping can be performed in many styles and techniques, such as starting the jump on low ground or jumping off a ramp. This sport can be dangerous if the equipment is not checked and used correctly, and if the equipment does not properly fit the jumper.

Many individuals are intrigued by the possible risks that coincide with this process, but many can’t even deal with the thought. The truth is bungee jumping is taking a chance with life. Although this may be true, there are many safety precautions that are put in place so that this miniscule chance will not occur.

Just as any other sport, there is a possibility of injury with bungee jumping. Most common injuries are man human error, consisting of if the cord elasticity is miscalculated with weight, the rope is not connected correctly to the body, or to the base. There are also smaller injuries that may occur such as “eye trauma, rope burn, uterine prolapse, dislocations, bruises, pinched fingers and back injury”.

Any sport or even just any physical activity takes a lot of courage and responsibility to fulfil. There are always an amount of danger that lies and it is your choice whatever passion or experience you want to achieve.



When you travel by plane, you change the time of day without resetting your body’s clock. Suddenly, it’s 3pmm outside but your body insists it’s 11am and time to go to bed. The dissonance between external events and your internal clock can make you dizzy, weak and ill: that’s what you call jet lag.

Jet lag affects your whole body. Symptoms of jetlag include stomach upset, deep fatigue, fuzzy-headedness, absentmindedness, slow-wittedness, poor concentration, weakness, disrupted bowel movements, and changes in the frequency of urination.

If you’re taking a very short trip, just for a meeting or for a weekend vacation break, you may not want to deal with the exhaustion of jet lag. Just schedule your activities for the times you’d normally be awake.

Jet lag commonly takes three to four days to overcome naturally, but if you want to make it fast there are strategies that can speed up your acclimation to a new time zone, and a few have been scientifically studied and proven to be effective.

  • Start resetting your body clock before you fly. Shift your bedtime by an hour or two in the right direction starting three to five days before your trip.


  • Drink lots of water before, during, and after your flight. Physicians recommend that you drink at least two 8-ounce glasses just before departure and 1 liter for every hour you spend in the air — in addition to beverages you drink with meals. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, drink up.
  • The minute you step into the airplane cabin, adopt and adjust your clock to the hour of the time zone you’re traveling to. Reset your watch and start to think according to the new time zone.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or ingesting other depressants, before, and during your flight.
  • Eat lightly than you are accustomed to before your flight and while you’re in the air. Do not overeat or eat small frequent meals.
  • Have daytime naps to take after you arrive, but keep them to 30 minutes or less so they don’t interfere with your nighttime sleep.


travelling aloneAs they say, we only live once so we must enjoy and live it to the fullest. Travelling is one the things that give us this pleasure of enjoying life on its fullest. To see the world is one of the greatest riches you can give to yourself.

Maybe you have been travelling with family and friends gives fun as you create that intimae bonding and such memories are really treasures.

But have you tried travelling alone? Many people think about the serious risk it will take, but as they say, to live life to the fullest, you must accept challenges and new things in life. These are the reasons why you should try travelling alone.

Independence and Confidence – You are now on your own. The only person that will do all the decisions is you. The more challenges you encounter, the more you can see the things that you can do. You will discover more of your strengths and weaknesses and improve t

Reflection – when you’re alone, you can have time to ponder on things going on in your life. Maybe you can mull over the shift of your career or some relationships that need to reconcile.hem altogether.

Travelling at your own terms – You now have your own itinerary. You can sleep till dawn and wake up late. You can eat that stinky stuff that your friend hates or just leave the bags unpack as your prefer that you mom always get uneasy with.

Seeing the world at your own view – Before, you always consider your friend’s or family’s opinion about a place. You want to go up the Eiffel Tower, but your friend’s tired and grumpy, then you wouldn’t go anyway. You are curious about the sex museum in Amsterdam, but your mom being the conservative she is, will not let you in. You can now do whatever you want to make that memory you have ever wanted.

Meeting people – this is the best time to mingle around and learn from the local people of that place. Maybe learning a bit of their language or dancing their cultural music. They will teach you the best places, foods and discoveries in town that maybe are not included in the travel brochures.


Many people are travelers but not all actually know the art of traveling well. There are only a few people who were fortunate enough to uncover the little secrets to mastering this skill. From knowing what to pack to choosing the right seat on the plane, each of these confidential pointers can stop any traveler from falling into travel traps. If you are a frequent traveler, you will probably discover these best-kept travel tactics along the way. But to save you from the trouble, I have decided to share some of the best tips that you can include to your ultimate travel list.  Here are they.

  1. Book a hotel in Dubai Media CityKnow where to fall in line. Are you on a rush? Do not join the security queues where there are kids in front of you. Obviously, this line will take longer. Go for the one with people who are wearing suits and ties.
  2. Carefully choose your seat. If you are allowed to sit anywhere, do not immediately on the first seat you see. Look around first. For a relaxing flight, be sure to sit far away from babies or groups of friends. The baby can cry endlessly and the clique will probably gossip the whole flight.
  3. Keep an emergency stash of money. A journey can be unpredictable. One minute you are holding your purse, the next thing it has gone missing. So it is important to hide some cash on your socks or somewhere in your body that will be hard to reach.
  4. Always pack a hoodie. Hooded tops or jackets make excellent travel garments. Just slip up your hood to retreat from the world of noise and light when you want to sleep on a flight/airport seat/bus.
  5. Consider hotel location. Booking the hotels with low room rate seems practical but when you reach the place you will realize it is not worth your money. Not only that public transportation is not easily accessible from the hotel, it is also located in an unsecured community. If you are going to UAE, book a hotel in Dubai Media City. Media City Dubai hotels are safe and offers value for your money. Be smart and do not be fooled by crazy rates. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  6. Travel slowly. Life in the city is fast paced so why not make this trip move slowly. Do not always be in a rush. Travel slowly and you will discover more.
  7. Do not be paranoid. It is okay to be alert at all times but do not be too paranoid. Not everyone is ought to get you. Enjoy your trip and do not be afraid to talk to people along the way. This is how you will build long-lasting connections.


Are you bored of the usual activities in Dubai? You have been in a bus tour and have already experienced dune bashing, camel riding, and even snowboarding. Do not worry! The adventure you can find in Dubai is not limited to these. Do you think you have tried them all? Well you are wrong. You will be amazed to how this city can continuously keep your adrenaline pumping. Here are some activities in Dubai you probably have not yet tried.


Are you up for an adventure ride? Hop on to a blokart and experience harnessing the power of the wind. Blokarting is the act of moving across land in a wheeled vehicle powered by wind through the use of a sail. So yes, it is like a land yacht. Once you see this activity, you might think that it is hard to learn but that is not true. It is actually safe and even seven-year old kids can ride. The blokart run at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. You can blokart race with your family and friends at the Meydan Hotel. The session includes a 30 minute ride, trial track, and helmet for safety.


If you are up for a more thrilling sand adventure and are bored in sand bashing, then this activity is for you. It is like snowboarding but in sand. This activity is something that you should not miss when you visit Dubai. It is an unusual sport entertaining for enthusiastic, speed loving people. Special skis are used and high dunes in the interior of the Dubai desert are chosen as slopes. If you are interested to try this, you can arrange it together with a desert safari tour. Afterwards you can relax under the traditional Bedouin tents furnished by carpets and cushions, while you are being served with Arabic coffee, mineral water, softdrinks, and sweets.

F1 passenger ride

This exciting activity is a definite must-try for all Formula racing fans. For a day, you get to experience a unique kind of adrenaline rush. This is your chance to experience being a passenger in an ex-Grand Prix Formula One car and be in a real race circuit. With a top speed of 200mph and 0-60 in just 2.8seconds, this is truly an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Just an hour and a half from Dubai, you will find the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. This is where all the high-octane excitement happens.


Dubai Yacht CharterWhen you rent a boat from a Dubai Yacht Charter, you would see the real beauty of the ocean and how it touches your being. Sailing on a calm sea can ease your mind from troubles and give you few hours of pure serenity. The sound of the gentle waves is like music to the ears and when you close your eyes, you can imagine being taken away by the soft water current to a land where everything is happy and relaxed.

From where you are, the ocean might be pristine and stunning but in other parts of the world, the ocean tells a different story. Due to negligence, oceans are getting more and more polluted. They are starting transform into a place where marine animals are trying hard to survive. The ocean is facing a challenge and few people are acting on it.

Whether you live on the coast or far from it, whether you enjoy renting in Yacht Charter Dubai  or not, you and the future of all those you love depends on healthy oceans. The ocean is not merely for recreation and inspiration. It plays an important role in our life for this is where we get half of the oxygen we breathe, water we drink, and protein that we eat.

You are not powerless. Little acts make big differences. Here are some of the things you can do to help conserve the ocean.

    1. Reduce energy use. Burning fossil fuels make the ocean more acidic. The result, massive loss of corals because their skeleton is weakened by the water’s acidity. Prevent leaving appliances on especially when you are not using them. When it is cold, turn down the AC to a few degrees.
    2. Avoid using plastic products. The ocean is getting crowded by different kinds of plastic materials. Marine animals think of these as food. Once they swallow these plastics, they choke or starve to death because their digestive system cannot grind these substances.
    3. Pick up thrash. It helps a lot to pick up thrash, even the little pieces. When it rains, thrashes that are left on the street gets flown away to the river which leads to the sea.
    4. Do not waste water. Conserve water and if you can, why not help restore a river or a watershed?
    5. Sail responsibly. Practice responsible boating on the water. Never throw anything overboard to help guard the ocean.