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When you travel by plane, you change the time of day without resetting your body’s clock. Suddenly, it’s 3pmm outside but your body insists it’s 11am and time to go to bed. The dissonance between external events and your internal clock can make you dizzy, weak and ill: that’s what you call jet lag.

Jet lag affects your whole body. Symptoms of jetlag include stomach upset, deep fatigue, fuzzy-headedness, absentmindedness, slow-wittedness, poor concentration, weakness, disrupted bowel movements, and changes in the frequency of urination.

If you’re taking a very short trip, just for a meeting or for a weekend vacation break, you may not want to deal with the exhaustion of jet lag. Just schedule your activities for the times you’d normally be awake.

Jet lag commonly takes three to four days to overcome naturally, but if you want to make it fast there are strategies that can speed up your acclimation to a new time zone, and a few have been scientifically studied and proven to be effective.

  • Start resetting your body clock before you fly. Shift your bedtime by an hour or two in the right direction starting three to five days before your trip.


  • Drink lots of water before, during, and after your flight. Physicians recommend that you drink at least two 8-ounce glasses just before departure and 1 liter for every hour you spend in the air — in addition to beverages you drink with meals. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, drink up.
  • The minute you step into the airplane cabin, adopt and adjust your clock to the hour of the time zone you’re traveling to. Reset your watch and start to think according to the new time zone.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or ingesting other depressants, before, and during your flight.
  • Eat lightly than you are accustomed to before your flight and while you’re in the air. Do not overeat or eat small frequent meals.
  • Have daytime naps to take after you arrive, but keep them to 30 minutes or less so they don’t interfere with your nighttime sleep.


As they say, we only live once so we must enjoy and live it to the fullest. Travelling is one the things that give us this pleasure of enjoying life on its fullest. To see the world is one of the greatest riches you can give to yourself.

Maybe you have been travelling with family and friends gives fun as you create that intimae bonding and such memories are really treasures.

But have you tried travelling alone? Many people think about the serious risk it will take, but as they say, to live life to the fullest, you must accept challenges and new things in life. These are the reasons why you should try travelling alone.

Independence and Confidence – You are now on your own. The only person that will do all the decisions is you. The more challenges you encounter, the more you can see the things that you can do. You will discover more of your strengths and weaknesses and improve t

Reflection – when you’re alone, you can have time to ponder on things going on in your life. Maybe you can mull over the shift of your career or some relationships that need to reconcile.hem altogether.

Travelling at your own terms – You now have your own itinerary. You can sleep till dawn and wake up late. You can eat that stinky stuff that your friend hates or just leave the bags unpack as your prefer that you mom always get uneasy with.

Seeing the world at your own view – Before, you always consider your friend’s or family’s opinion about a place. You want to go up the Eiffel Tower, but your friend’s tired and grumpy, then you wouldn’t go anyway. You are curious about the sex museum in Amsterdam, but your mom being the conservative she is, will not let you in. You can now do whatever you want to make that memory you have ever wanted.

Meeting people – this is the best time to mingle around and learn from the local people of that place. Maybe learning a bit of their language or dancing their cultural music. They will teach you the best places, foods and discoveries in town that maybe are not included in the travel brochures.


Many people are travelers but not all actually know the art of traveling well. There are only a few people who were fortunate enough to uncover the little secrets to mastering this skill. From knowing what to pack to choosing the right seat on the plane, each of these confidential pointers can stop any traveler from falling into travel traps. If you are a frequent traveler, you will probably discover these best-kept travel tactics along the way. But to save you from the trouble, I have decided to share some of the best tips that you can include to your ultimate travel list.  Here are they.

  1. Book a hotel in Dubai Media CityKnow where to fall in line. Are you on a rush? Do not join the security queues where there are kids in front of you. Obviously, this line will take longer. Go for the one with people who are wearing suits and ties.
  2. Carefully choose your seat. If you are allowed to sit anywhere, do not immediately on the first seat you see. Look around first. For a relaxing flight, be sure to sit far away from babies or groups of friends. The baby can cry endlessly and the clique will probably gossip the whole flight.
  3. Keep an emergency stash of money. A journey can be unpredictable. One minute you are holding your purse, the next thing it has gone missing. So it is important to hide some cash on your socks or somewhere in your body that will be hard to reach.
  4. Always pack a hoodie. Hooded tops or jackets make excellent travel garments. Just slip up your hood to retreat from the world of noise and light when you want to sleep on a flight/airport seat/bus.
  5. Consider hotel location. Booking the hotels with low room rate seems practical but when you reach the place you will realize it is not worth your money. Not only that public transportation is not easily accessible from the hotel, it is also located in an unsecured community. If you are going to UAE, book a hotel in Dubai Media City. Media City Dubai hotels are safe and offers value for your money. Be smart and do not be fooled by crazy rates. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  6. Travel slowly. Life in the city is fast paced so why not make this trip move slowly. Do not always be in a rush. Travel slowly and you will discover more.
  7. Do not be paranoid. It is okay to be alert at all times but do not be too paranoid. Not everyone is ought to get you. Enjoy your trip and do not be afraid to talk to people along the way. This is how you will build long-lasting connections.


Are you bored of the usual activities in Dubai? You have been in a bus tour and have already experienced dune bashing, camel riding, and even snowboarding. Do not worry! The adventure you can find in Dubai is not limited to these. Do you think you have tried them all? Well you are wrong. You will be amazed to how this city can continuously keep your adrenaline pumping. Here are some activities in Dubai you probably have not yet tried.


Are you up for an adventure ride? Hop on to a blokart and experience harnessing the power of the wind. Blokarting is the act of moving across land in a wheeled vehicle powered by wind through the use of a sail. So yes, it is like a land yacht. Once you see this activity, you might think that it is hard to learn but that is not true. It is actually safe and even seven-year old kids can ride. The blokart run at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. You can blokart race with your family and friends at the Meydan Hotel. The session includes a 30 minute ride, trial track, and helmet for safety.


If you are up for a more thrilling sand adventure and are bored in sand bashing, then this activity is for you. It is like snowboarding but in sand. This activity is something that you should not miss when you visit Dubai. It is an unusual sport entertaining for enthusiastic, speed loving people. Special skis are used and high dunes in the interior of the Dubai desert are chosen as slopes. If you are interested to try this, you can arrange it together with a desert safari tour. Afterwards you can relax under the traditional Bedouin tents furnished by carpets and cushions, while you are being served with Arabic coffee, mineral water, softdrinks, and sweets.

F1 passenger ride

This exciting activity is a definite must-try for all Formula racing fans. For a day, you get to experience a unique kind of adrenaline rush. This is your chance to experience being a passenger in an ex-Grand Prix Formula One car and be in a real race circuit. With a top speed of 200mph and 0-60 in just 2.8seconds, this is truly an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Just an hour and a half from Dubai, you will find the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. This is where all the high-octane excitement happens.


Dubai Yacht CharterWhen you rent a boat from a Dubai Yacht Charter, you would see the real beauty of the ocean and how it touches your being. Sailing on a calm sea can ease your mind from troubles and give you few hours of pure serenity. The sound of the gentle waves is like music to the ears and when you close your eyes, you can imagine being taken away by the soft water current to a land where everything is happy and relaxed.

From where you are, the ocean might be pristine and stunning but in other parts of the world, the ocean tells a different story. Due to negligence, oceans are getting more and more polluted. They are starting transform into a place where marine animals are trying hard to survive. The ocean is facing a challenge and few people are acting on it.

Whether you live on the coast or far from it, whether you enjoy renting in Yacht Charter Dubai  or not, you and the future of all those you love depends on healthy oceans. The ocean is not merely for recreation and inspiration. It plays an important role in our life for this is where we get half of the oxygen we breathe, water we drink, and protein that we eat.

You are not powerless. Little acts make big differences. Here are some of the things you can do to help conserve the ocean.

    1. Reduce energy use. Burning fossil fuels make the ocean more acidic. The result, massive loss of corals because their skeleton is weakened by the water’s acidity. Prevent leaving appliances on especially when you are not using them. When it is cold, turn down the AC to a few degrees.
    2. Avoid using plastic products. The ocean is getting crowded by different kinds of plastic materials. Marine animals think of these as food. Once they swallow these plastics, they choke or starve to death because their digestive system cannot grind these substances.
    3. Pick up thrash. It helps a lot to pick up thrash, even the little pieces. When it rains, thrashes that are left on the street gets flown away to the river which leads to the sea.
    4. Do not waste water. Conserve water and if you can, why not help restore a river or a watershed?
    5. Sail responsibly. Practice responsible boating on the water. Never throw anything overboard to help guard the ocean.



Are you looking for a way to spice up the coming holiday vacation? Check out Dubai holiday packages. Tours in Dubai offer a real sense of adventure and sightseeing of a very different kind. One of the places you can visit is the famous and historical Dubai Creek.

Dubai Creek is not just a small body of water. Visitors see this spot as a place where the past meets the present. Here, you can take a cruise dinner, ride a water taxi, or simply walk along the side of the creek. Just observing the Creek can be a wonderful experience. It is quite a scene to see dhows, modern yachts, cabin cruisers, and water taxi sailing together on the same body of water. The creek was 14 kilometers long until the Dubai Business Development project extended it to another 10 kilometers.Dubai Holiday Packages

The ancient Greeks called it River Zara. It slices the city into two areas: Bur Dubai and Deira. In the 20th century a tribe came to Dubai. This tribe led by the Al Maktoum family came from Abu Dhabi to inhabit the land. At that time, Dubai did not have an abundant land. There were not many resources to facilitate living. The inhabitants looked for a fertile oasis and that was when they found the Dubai Creek. They settled along the banks of the creek where they fished, herded sheep and goats, swam for pearls. Soon it became a port to facilitate trading to other countries. Basically, the emergence of Dubai as a global trade city started in this place. It was the first place where people from Iran, India, and Baluchistan came to do business.

When you visit the Creek, your attention will automatically be drawn to the Dhows. They are the long flat wooden vessels. These boats were used in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. These were also the first vessels to dock in 1830 when the Al Maktoum family opened a port on the Creek for buying and selling.

Try going on a Dhow Cruise Tour to get to experience the vessel that the ancient traders used to carry goods for barter. You can also interview real-life sailors and find out that they earn as little as 400 Dirhams a month.  If you are lucky, you can also hear true pirates stories in the waters of Yemen and Somalia and how these thieves make the lives of sailors harder.


As an Indian in Dubai, even though I experiment with other cuisines, I always tend to turn back to my roots eventually. I enjoy my pastas, pizzas, shawarmas and burritos immensely, but at times the craving for familiar tastes and smells, is simply too much to resist! I do cook a wide variety of Indian food at home in my own kitchen, so one might wonder if I would look forward to eating Indian food from outside. Nevertheless, at times, it is nice to relish a comforting meal at some good Indian restaurants in Dubai.

Restaurants In Dubai

There are a number of great Dubai restaurants serving delectable Indian food but here are a few of my favourites:

Gazebo: serves up hearty Indian fare in a warm and welcoming environment. They are present in a number of locations in and around Dubai, such as Mirdif City Centre, DIFC, Internet City etc. Unpretentious and down-to-earth, it is easy to see why gazebo has become a success story. Among many other mouthwatering Indian delicacies, their dum biryani is very popular – so don’t forget to try it!

Asha’s: A winner of many prestigious culinary awards, Asha’s has been around in Dubai for more than a decade. It is present in two locations today – at Wafi and at Mall Of The Emirates. They serve lovely contemporary Indian food and are a favourite among many foodies who enjoy Indian food. One trip to Asha’s is never enough – I am sure that you will want to go back again and again!

Ashiana: If the ambiance of the restaurant matters to you as much as the food itself, then you need to head to Ashiana. This wonderful restaurant is located in the Sheraton at Deira and is well-known for its fine food. A meal at Ashiana will be an absolute feast for your senses and will be a memorable experience that you will savour.

Of course, there are many more worthy additions that deserve to be added to this list – but the only issue is that then this will be a never-ending list! While those mentioned above are all big players in the restaurant industry, there is also some superb hole in the wall, neighbourhood eateries that one can turn in times when a curry fix is urgently needed!


I just got back from a visit to one of the Ski Chalets at the Kempinski hotel in the Mall Of The Emirates, Dubai. And boy, was it amazing or what! I’ve visited Kempinski before for an interview but this was my first time inside the ski chalets. We were welcomed with a tempting array of macaroons, a plateful of gourmet dates, a basket of fresh fruits, a hamper of decadent Arabic sweets as well as water, tea, coffee and other beverages to go with it.

Visit Dubai

The beautiful suite was spread out over 3 levels, with the first level being the cosy and snug lounge, and the second and third levels being large bedrooms, each with sleek, walk-in bathrooms attached. The impressive suite overlooks the snow clad slopes of Ski Dubai and is tastefully furnished in a typical ski lodge fashion, making you feel that you are in a lavish ski resort far away from the heat and dust of Dubai! A night during peak season can cost anywhere between 20000 AED to 25000 AED. It is the ultimate indulgence in opulence and comfort and not one that I will forget anytime soon.

While talking to the friendly Manager, we came to know that most of the ski chalets are booked by wealthy families who visit Dubai to spend their leisure time soaking up the luxuries that are available. Apart from stepping out into the mall for some shopping, these guests don’t prefer going and checking out other tourist attractions in Dubai, or perhaps they’ve already seen the attractions several times earlier and hence are no longer interested in visiting them.

So, that brings us to the question, what type of tourist are you? Do you like to be out and about, hunting for local attractions or do you favour spending your holiday in your hotel just lazing around? I think I like a little of this and a little of that! For instance, if I’ve had a particularly stressful time and I am taking a break for only a couple of days, then I think I would desire lounging around in my hotel, getting pampered and pandered to. On the other hand, if I am visiting a new place – especially a tourist-friendly site – and I am going to around for atleast a handful of days, then I’d definitely be interested in doing some sight-seeing and discovering the delights that the place has in store for me. Plus, if I go to Paris and come back without the mandatory photo next to the Eiffel Tower, I’m convinced that my friends and family will kick me!